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Have you got what it takes?

Student Volunteers needed 2-3 hours per week

We are a Bath-based charity looking for personable, engaged and innovative students with a heart for social action and giving back to our community. Our mission is to be a part of reducing loneliness and isolation, by providing IT support to vulnerable and older people, so as to equip them with the skills to feel more connected in our digital age. We are recruiting students who can demonstrate a strong foundational knowledge of today's technology, and have a willingness to share their technological understanding with those who need it most. We equip our volunteers with the skillset to carry out effective and transformational sessions in order to achieve our collective goal.

So... do you know your way around Zoom, Google and Apple apps? Do you want to be an important role in repairing the social damage of COVID-19?

For more information, please contact Rosie with any queries you may have!



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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