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Q&A with Meg and Lucy: meet the super students on placement alongside their degree!

We're pleased to welcome Lucy Day and Megan Farr to the Connecting Generations team! Both on placements they will be helping us to power forwards this year and tackle the loneliness epidemic happening in the UK. One care home at a time.

Meg studies psychology and Lucy is a sociology and media communications student. Both of them are completing the internship, alongside their degree. Ambitious, huh?

We took some time out to get to know them and find out what inspired them to apply to the Connecting Generations internship.

So, girls it's great to have you onboard as part of the Connecting Generations team, what attracted you to the internship?


The idea of the charity is what attracted me to the internship, it's something I feel really passionate about. It just felt right - without sounding too cheesy! I wanted to be involved in something that's really worthwhile!


I was attracted to the Connecting Generations internship because it's such a worthwhile cause. It strikes close to home for me because I have a grandfather that lives on his own and his main form of communication with us is through the use of his iPad. It's so important to connect with the elderly generation, plus they have so many fascinating stories to tell.

How do you think that the work experience you get at Connecting Generations is going to benefit you in the future?


It's definitely helping me with my confidence. From speaking to new people all the time and in front of a large audience (in lectures). I feel very independent and like I've had to use my initiative more (due to the flexibility and versatility of the placement). Also, management skills and time management!


I would love to pursue a career in charity work! Plus, the skills I will gain from working at a new charity will be invaluable to me in my future career.

Meg and Lucy will be hosting our first session of the semester at Newton St Loe Village Hall, on the 17 October, this Wednesday! If you're interested in coming along please email us.

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